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About Us

At the Leafinator, we’re all about simplifying your outdoor tasks and revolutionizing the way you clean up leaves and yard debris. Our mission is to create innovative products that combine multiple functions into one, saving time and effort.


This idea was born years ago, out of the need to make seasonal yard cleanup efforts easier and more efficient. After years of research, design, and countless cups of coffee, we’re thrilled to announce that the Leafinator will be launching soon! Imagine a rake that offers not just one, but three functions in a single tool! It’s the ultimate tool for Fall clean-ups and Spring rejuvenation.


Whether you’re an individual homeowner, landscaping service, or anyone in need of a reliable yard clean-up companion, the Leafinator has got you covered! So, get ready to say goodbye to endless bending, reaching, and back-breaking yard work while struggling with traditional rakes and welcome the joy of effortless leaf and yard debris clean-up. Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the way you tackle yard maintenance. Sign up today for updates, tips and all things related to the best yard rake you’ll ever use, and let’s make outdoor chores a breeze together!

About Leafinator - Leaf Rake Providers
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