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We Revolutionized the Rake for the 21st Century

Embrace the future of yardwork with the Leafinator! Say goodbye to the physical challenges that come with traditional rakes and hello to effortless, pain-free cleanup.

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Autumn Leaves

Frankie S

I am waiting for your product to hit the stores, so I can be the first to purchase one. It sounds like a great product that is long overdue!

Dandre F

Love the concept! I paid a guy a few weeks ago to rake because I don't like to. But, with the Leafinator, I'd do my own!

Will J

I love the Leafinator. As an entrepreneur who once gardened and tended to leaves. It's a great idea!

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Ergonomic Design with Revolutionary Hinge

No more bending down or awkwardly trying to pick up leaves by hand. The Leafinator features an innovative grabbing mechanism that neatly scoops up leaves and debris.


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This NEW Groundbreaking Innovation Unlocks the Power
of 3 Key Benefits Eliminating Pain and Strain Caused by Repetitive Yard Work!

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